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Return on Education

At MyEdu, our mission is to help all students achieve their goals and get the best return from what they invest in their education. We call it return on education or R-O-E. It is our way to measure the various civic, academic, and professional outcomes of higher education against the investment each student makes.

Return on Education

Low graduation rates are one of the key statistics affecting student’s R-O-E today.

  • 60%

    Only 60% who enter a bachelor's program will graduate in 8 years.

  • 18%

    Only 18% in 2-year programs will earn an associate's degree in 4 years

Rate of Graduation chart

While students struggle to complete their degree goals in a reasonable amount of time, they are also amassing significant debt. This debt is a burden on graduates, but also a weight around the neck of the 37 million Americans who have some college credit but no degree.

Student debt chart

Today there are over 3 million job openings reported every month. Yet, 54% of all students with a bachelor’s degree are unemployed or underemployed. For students with associate's degrees, the numbers are even more staggering.

MyEdu exists to solve these challenges. Our academic platform helps students achieve their goals and positions them for career success. Our recruiting platform helps employers be where the students are, educating them about what it will take to be successful, and building relationships to attract the right talent. And MyEdu members can bring it all together in a unique visual profile that is the best way for a student or young professional to let the world know what he or she is capable of. MyEdu. Helping every student achieve a better return on education.

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