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Why Get an Internship?

With one in two students nationwide completing a required internship before receiving a degree, competition for finding employment can be tough. Level the playing field by gaining résumé-boosting experience during your academic career through a paid internship opportunity. An internship is also a great opportunity to explore your field of study, discover new interests, and increase your chances to get hired after college. Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered. Quickly search over 6,000 internships for college students and add real-world experience to your Student Profile. Organize your search by subject matter, location, paid or for-credit and other must-haves to land the best internship for your career plans.

College Degrees to Salaries

Find Jobs for College Graduates

Search over 2,000,000 entry level job listings with our job search engine and sort through entry level positions based on location, keywords, and job type. Quickly find entry level jobs that interest you and filter out the jobs that don’t match your dream job. Save searches that you’d like to review later and jobs that you plan on applying for to keep your job search organized.

Stand Out From the Crowd

Prove your experience, stand out and visually represent what you have to offer by adding projects, skills and internships to your Student Profile. From where you're attending school to where you’d like to live, your Student Profile will give employers more insight than a traditional paper résumé. Learn more about MyEdu Employer partners by visiting their company profile pages and viewing all of their current open positions, company tweets and insights. Turn on messaging to receive direct communications from employers interested in your skills and qualifications.

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