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Course Grades

View Official College Course Grade Records and Drop Rates

Professor Average GPA

Official College Course Grade Records

MyEdu works directly with universities to post their official course grade records, including average GPA and average drop rates for classes. We want you to make informed choices about each class that you schedule. With MyEdu you can see official class graduate distribution, average course GPAs and average drop rates.

Profressor Grades and Class Average GPA

Average Class GPAs

Knowing the average GPA earned by students who previously took the classes you're enrolled in will help you better organize your semester’s schedule. GPA information will give you a general understanding of how much you’ll need to prepare for each class as well as indicating which classes on your schedule may be considered most challenging. You can use this information to help you schedule your semesters appropriately and dedicate enough time to each class to accommodate your learning style.

In addition, many students use our average GPA data to know which classes they should highlight in their Student Profile. Employers want to know where you’ve excelled!

Profressor Grades and Class Average GPA

College Class Drop Rates

Have you ever wanted to know how many people ended up dropping the class you are thinking about taking? MyEdu not only provides official course grade records, and average class GPA records, but we also provide the official drop rates for each class at your college or university. You can use this information to determine how many people were successful in each class, and if it is the right fit for you.

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