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Degree Planner

Use our Degree Planner to Graduate on Time!

Graduate on Time

Our degree planner is an effective tool to use to ensure you graduate on time. Use it to plan for your future semesters and make sure you are taking the right classes at the right time in your college journey. You can easily adjust courses in your future semesters to maintain your plan - without missing degree requirements. When used with our complementary tools, like our GPA calculator and official course grade data, you can plan each semester to your ideal schedule and best learning preferences.

Your Plan to Complete Your Degree Plan

Evaluate Academic Progress

Set your desired GPA each semester and track your progress toward meeting your GPA goal and completing your graduation requirements. Our tools let you view the classes you’ve completed and the classes that need to be completed to stay on track for graduation.

Avoid the “Senior Surprise”

Don’t wait until your senior year to calculate whether you need to take extra classes before graduation. Twice as many MyEdu users graduate on time, compared to the national average. Get the best return on your education: plan your degree path, take only the courses you need (and want!) to take, and reduce the unplanned tuition costs that result from staying at school for extra semesters.

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