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Design the best class schedule using the best information.

Class Schedule

Create your Class Schedule Today!

  • Create your class schedule based on professor recommendations, grade distribution & time of day
  • Access your class schedule from anywhere
  • Share your class schedule with classmates and study groups
Class Schedule

Design your College Class Schedule Using All the Best Information

  • Base your schedule on certain days of the week or time of the day
  • Choose your classes based on class grade distribution
  • Read our professor recommendations to choose your class based on your favorite teaching style
  • See which classes are still open, closed or waitlisted*
  • * where available

Class Schedule

Class Schedule Generator Features

  • Share your college class schedule with all your friends
  • Access or edit your schedule of classes from your mobile browser
  • Use our auto scheduler to plan your schedule based on professor recommendations, overall GPA, day of week, or time of day
  • Automatically generates 50 different class schedule variations
  • Automatically add new semesters and scheduled courses to your personal education plan

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