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Privacy Matters


Updated 9 Dec 2015.

This MyEdu Privacy Statement and accompanying MyEdu Terms of Use Agreement replace the previous version of 3 May 2013.

Key changes are:

  • Minor changes reflecting MyEdu’s acquisition by Blackboard

  • Minor changes reflecting use of MyEdu sites outside the US

  • Eliminating provisions permitting sale of PII to advertisers

  • Providing notice upon merger or acquisition only if PII is subject to different privacy policies or terms of use

Privacy matters to us at Blackboard and we trust it does to you, too. The MyEdu service is designed to provide you with the best possible product, tools, services, and opportunities for mapping out your college experience and to poise you for a successful transition into your career. The more complete your MyEdu Profile and the more visibility it garners, the greater the opportunity for success. To that end, we want to ensure you understand how we manage the important data that you provide.

We need you to acknowledge your understanding of our MyEdu Privacy Statement (the “Privacy Statement”) and MyEdu Terms of Use (the “TOU”) before becoming a Member. We have myriad options for you related to your Privacy settings – you control who (students, potential employers, the general public, etc.) can view your Profile. Please be sure you read and understand this information as, by accessing, using or continuing to use the website, you acknowledge that you agree to be bound by the TOU and Privacy Statement. If you don't agree to the TOU or Privacy Statement, or don’t understand them, please do not register as a Member. If you are already a Member, and don't agree to the revised TOU Agreement and/or Privacy Statement, please suspend your account.

Blackboard believes your privacy and our compliance with regulations related to privacy are important. Changes to our Privacy Statement or TOU will be minor unless there is a significant change in best practices, regulations, legislation, or our products and services. With that in mind, our Privacy Statement may be modified to reflect these changes and we encourage you to check back periodically. We'll be transparent when changes occur and will highlight the key modifications along with the date of revision. Any such revision will be effective immediately upon posting and your continued use of Blackboard’s website, services related to our products and tools, and/or any other Blackboard products or services constitutes your acceptance of any such changes. Blackboard no longer supports, and has deactivated, the MyEdu for University of Texas at Austin mobile app and our Facebook ClassMe application so please uninstall them even though they are no longer available.

Privacy Statement and Terms of Use Agreement Highlights:

  • With respect to US-based Members, Blackboard is compliant with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (“ FERPA”).

  • Our website contains links to external websites. We're not responsible for the content or privacy practices of these external websites so ensure you understand them. Many social or networking platforms, including Facebook, frequently modify their privacy setting options. You control these settings and it is important that you keep yours current and reflective of the level of access you want others to have to your data. Be sure you check your Privacy settings for Blackboard products and services to ensure they correctly reflect your choices. If you want to avail yourself of the products and services that will allow you to be most successful in college and as you move into your first job, you will want to make information that is important to employers accessible. Regardless of your privacy settings, Blackboard will always host, house, manage, and maintain your data in a manner that is fully compliant with all regulations.

  • Our Privacy Statement and TOU may be modified from time to time. Those modifications are effective as of the date they're posted to our website. If you continue to be a Member of MyEdu after any such changes (and we hope you will), your use of the website will constitute your consent to such modifications.

  • While the default setting for your Profile is “Public,” YOU control what information you include on your Profile and with whom you share that information, regardless of the platform. You can modify your Privacy settings at any time.

  • There are services and features that may require you to either "opt-in" or "opt-out." Whether in conjunction with Blackboard or another service provider, make sure you understand what that involves.

  • If you “like” our Facebook page, access your MyEdu Profile via the Facebook interface, share your Profile via Twitter or other social media or networking platform, please make sure you understand the privacy terms and settings of Facebook, Twitter or other social media or networking platform.

  • If, at any time, you have questions or feedback, please email

There is information we are required to provide you regarding our website. We want to share that information in a way that's easy to understand but also compliant. The bottom line is that we manage and safeguard your data in the same way we'd like our own to be managed and safeguarded.

Privacy Matters!

As part of our Privacy program, we ensure compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act ("FERPA") with respect to any data that we collect or house that falls under FERPA criteria in the US. This includes data you provide specific to your MyEdu Profile as well as anonymous data we may collect from various colleges in aggregate. So, while this data is considered Public Directory information, it still falls under the protection of FERPA. (Examples of Public Directory information include your date of birth, your university email address, name, etc.) We do not uniquely identify any individual based on data we collect from schools. The only method by which your personal information could reside on our servers is if you personally enter it as part of your MyEdu Profile or link your MyEdu profile with your Facebook profile either as part of initial registration or after initial registration.

Did you know? If you don't want your US school to share your Public Directory information, you can generally restrict its release by contacting your registrar's office within specified time frames. If your school has a different process, the registrar's office can direct you to the right source. If you'd like to better understand the full FERPA legislation, check it out here: FERPA.

How is Personally Identifiable Information defined and what does it mean to me as a student?

Personally Identifiable Information (“PII”)

  • PII - is information that identifies a specific end user. When you create a MyEdu Profile and utilize the features of Blackboard's website such as participating in community and networking features, entering a contest, participating in a sweepstakes sponsored by us or our partners, filling out a survey, providing a recommendation, sending us or our partners feedback, contacting Member Support or privacy, or signing up for special offers from Third Parties through the website (referred to as "Identification Activities,") we may ask you to provide certain information about yourself. It is optional for you to engage in an Identification Activity. If you choose to opt out of an Identification Activity, you must send an email to with a Subject line of "OPT OUT – Identification Activity." If you elect to engage in an Identification Activity, however, we may ask you to provide us with certain PII about yourself, such as (but not limited to) your first and last name, mailing address (including zip code), email address, telephone number, and/ or date of birth.

  • We may also collect PII about you from other MyEdu Members who have stored information about you when they elect to use our social networking, social media, or community features, or when they enable connectivity with another website or application where they have stored such information. For instance, your friends may have stored information about you in places such as their friends lists, address books, or photos on the website and other websites with which MyEdu interacts. In addition, when you access the website through a service partner, we may automatically collect certain aspects of your registration information (such as your email address or Profile image). Pay close attention to your privacy settings in all forms of social media and networking. You manage who can see, have access to, or collect your data.

  • We use PII to provide you with "best fit" services, enhance the operation of the website, improve our marketing and promotional efforts, analyze website use, and to tailor your experience with Third Parties. For example, if you send an email to MyEdu's Member Support team, we may use your comments and feedback to tell others about our services, and may post your comment on MyEdu's website. In addition, if you use our website to post your class schedule for example, we may store that information. We may also use PII to troubleshoot, resolve disputes, accomplish administrative tasks, contact you, enforce our agreements with you, including our website's TOU and this Privacy Statement, comply with applicable law, and cooperate with law enforcement activities.

Non-Personally Identifiable Information (“Non-PII”)

  • Non-PII is information that does not identify a specific end user. This type of information may include things like the Uniform Resource Locator ("URL") of the website you visited before coming to our website, the URL of the website you visit after leaving MyEdu's website, the type of browser you are using, and your Internet Protocol ("IP") address. We, and/or our authorized Third Party Service Providers and partners, may automatically collect this information when you visit our website through the use of electronic tools like cookies as described further in this Privacy Statement.

  • We use Non-PII to troubleshoot, administer the website, analyze trends, gather demographic information, comply with applicable law, and cooperate with law enforcement activities if required. We may also share this information with approved Third Party Service Providers and partners, as described above, to measure the overall effectiveness of our website and features.


  1. WE ONLY COLLECT INFORMATION ON MyEdu THAT IS NEEDED, AND WE TELL YOU HOW WE USE IT. We limit the collection of information to what we need to know to support the MyEdu products and services to which you subscribe and to provide you with the information you expect from us. We will comply with all relevant legal or regulatory requirements. We will also keep you informed about the general uses of the information we collect and will answer any questions you may have about its use. Please direct those questions to We retain your information for only as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes for which you subscribed to our services or as required by law or regulations. Thereafter, we dispose of or purge your information in compliance with all document destruction or record retention requirements and guidelines. Implicit in our TOU and our Privacy Statement is that you acknowledge that while you may at some point in time choose to change your privacy settings or make your Profile Information private, or suspend your account, it may not be possible for us to purge your PII in its entirety because we perform routine back up functions. If you unsubscribe or suspend your service or account and inadvertently receive further communication from us, please let us know immediately by sending an email to

    1. When you build a Profile on our website, you enter information that can be classified as either Non-PII or PII. There are different levels of PII, including sensitive PII (as discussed below). Blackboard does not collect any sensitive PII.

    2. You have ownership of your Profile and we encourage you to update it as necessary and to maintain a robust Profile. The more complete your Profile, the better we can help you in your college experience and as you begin your career. Regardless of whether your Profile Information is Non-PII or PII, we use every reasonable effort to protect it against loss, alteration, or any unauthorized use. With the increasing rise of data vulnerability in general and the common knowledge that no computer system is 100% secure, it's important to us that you understand that we make every effort to protect your data but that vulnerabilities always exist.

    3. If there is ever a breach of our system where your PII is compromised by unauthorized sources, you will be notified. In addition to our employing strict measures on our side, there are also steps you can take to help ensure the privacy of your data when stored on your computer and when you transmit data. You are probably aware of these precautions but, if not, these resources may be of interest to you: All About Cookies, Protect My Identity, Privacy Rights. These links are intended to help educate you on Internet and other web-based vulnerabilities but are in no way affiliated with Blackboard nor is Blackboard responsible or liable for any information they may post or you may action.

    4. Blackboard NEVER collects or requests sensitive PII. If you are ever prompted to provide any individual, entity, or alleged representative of Blackboard with your Student ID Number, Social Security Number, Credit Card number(s), Banking information, or similar information, do not provide the data and immediately notify

    5. Blackboard may conduct surveys from time to time. Our goal in conducting these surveys is to better provide you with features that would improve our service or capabilities. We will explicitly convey the purpose of any survey and how any information you provide will be used. You will have the opportunity to opt-out of any such survey. Aggregate data that is gathered as the result of a survey may be shared with Third Parties and you will be advised prior to taking the survey if this is the case.

    6. To facilitate and customize your MyEdu experience, we may store cookies on your computer. A cookie is a string of information that a website stores on your computer, and lets us know when you return to the MyEdu website. Cookies also allow us to collect Non-PII from you such as which pages you visited and on what links you clicked. Use of this information helps us to create a more user-friendly experience. Third Parties may display advertisements or provide targeted messaging on our website and they may place separate cookies on your computer. We have no access to or control over these cookies. As a reminder, our Privacy Statement covers the use of cookies by our website only and does not cover the use of cookies by any Advertiser, Third Party, or social media or networking platform with whom you may interface to access your MyEdu account or Profile.

Once you register as a MyEdu Member, you may get a "Welcome Back" message when you use the website. We say "may" because you have the option to set your browser to refuse cookies before you access (or any other website). Please be aware, however, that certain features on our website may not function properly if you disable cookies.

We may use other industry standard technologies like pixel tags and web beacons to track your use of our website pages and promotions, or we may allow our Third Party Service Providers to use these devices on our behalf. Pixel tags and web beacons are tiny graphic images placed on certain pages on our website, or in our emails, that allow us to determine whether you have performed a specific action. When you access these pages or open or click an email, pixel tags and web beacons generate a Non-Personally Identifiable notice of that action. Pixel tags allow us to measure and improve our understanding of visitor traffic and behavior on our website, as well as give us a way to measure our promotions and performance. We may also utilize pixel tags and web beacons provided by our partners, Affiliates and/or Advertisers for the same purposes.

  1. WE GIVE YOU THE CHOICE AS TO HOW YOUR INFORMATION WILL BE USED. MyEdu provides you with "opt-out/ opt-in" choices relating to how your information could be used to generate marketing offers.

We will not share your PII with other parties except as provided below.

Personally Identifiable Information (“PII”)

  • While your Profile defaults to “Public,” you control the information that you privately or publicly share about yourself as a Member of MyEdu. Based upon your settings, your information may be shared when utilizing services and/ or social networking features such as forums, course schedule sharing, course and professor recommendations, or other forms of public communication and interaction. Information that you share publicly may be accessible by other users and companies and may appear on other websites or web searches and, therefore, the information could be read, collected, and/or used by others. We have no control over what other users may do with the information you voluntarily post and make public so please use caution when posting data that is categorized as public and be sure to periodically review, if necessary, and customize your P\privacy settings.

  • We may share your information with authorized Third Party Service Providers and partners, including MyEdu for Employers. We provide some of our services and products through Third Parties. Examples are sending and distributing administrative and promotional emails. We may share your information to send postal or email communications, administer contests or sweepstakes, remove repetitive information on customer lists, analyze data, provide marketing assistance, provide search results and links, support website operations and/ or provide customer service. The use of your PII by such parties is governed by the privacy policies and terms of use agreements with each Third Party and is not subject to our control. We urge you to review them as we are not responsible for their policies or practices despite our best due diligence to partner only with companies, organizations and/ or entities whose policies and TOU are of the highest, most compliant, standards. This is also applicable to Facebook, Twitter and other social networking platforms.

  • If Blackboard becomes involved in a merger, acquisition, or any form of sale of some or part of its assets, we may share your information. If we do so, we will ensure the confidentiality of any PII involved in the transaction(s) and will provide you with notice before any PII is transferred and becomes subject to different TOU, Privacy Statement(s) and/ or policies.

  • We may share your information when the release of PII is necessary or appropriate to comply with the law or a court order or to enforce or apply Blackboard's TOU Agreement or other agreements, to protect the rights, property or security of the website, MyEdu Members, visitors, or others.

Non-Personally Identifiable Information (“Non-PII”)

  • We may disclose or share Non-Personally Identifiable Information with Third Parties such as our business partners, Affiliates, and Advertisers. For example, we may share aggregated demographic information (which does not include any PII) with "Third Party Advertisers" or "Third Party Advertising Companies" (collectively "Advertisers") and other parties as provided below.

  • We may use Third Party Advertising Companies to serve ads or targeted messages when you visit our website. These companies may use Non-PII about your visits to this and other websites in order to provide, through the use of network tags, advertisements about goods and services that may be of interest to you. Some of these Third Party Advertising Companies may be advertising networks that are members of the Network Advertising Initiative ("NAI"). If you would like more information about any NAI member company, or you would like to opt-out of targeted advertising from any NAI member company, click here:

  • We also use Third Party Service Providers to track and analyze Non-PII usage and volume statistical information from our Members to administer our website and continually improve its quality. We may also publish this information for promotional purposes or as a representative audience for Advertisers. Please note that this is not PII; only general summaries of the activities of our Members. Such data is collected on our behalf, and is owned and used by Blackboard.

  • Regardless of the above, you acknowledge that you understand that any information you post to any public forum, message board, or message thread becomes public information. If you have your privacy settings configured so that you only allow a specified audience to view your Profile Information and/ or further customize it so that only certain tiles or information are available, it will remain limited to those audiences. Be considerate when choosing your settings – individuals you do not know can access public information.

  1. WE ENSURE THE INTEGRITY OF YOUR INFORMATION. We use advanced technology, documented procedures, internal monitoring practices, and numerous other precautions to make sure your information is processed promptly, accurately, and completely and that it is housed, hosted, and/ or transmitted in a compliant and secure manner.

You access your Profile or provide us with PII, using a password, a user ID, and/or your email address. Your password is encrypted. Please do not share your password with anyone. While your PII resides on a secure server to which only selected, “need-to-know” individuals have access, you are making yourself vulnerable when you share your password. No data transmission over the Internet or any wireless network or device is 100% secure so, while we employ commercially reasonable and compliant information security and data protection measures to safeguard your data and to partner with companies who do the same, we cannot guarantee the security of any information transmitted to or from our website. As mentioned previously, we aren't responsible for the actions of any Third Parties who may receive any such information.

We encourage you to keep your Profile Information current. The richer your Profile, the greater your opportunities for success in school and with MyEdu for Employers when looking for that the ideal job or internship. If you have questions or concerns about the integrity of your information, please email and we will make every effort to respond within two business days.

  1. WE EMPLOY BEST-IN-CLASS INFORMATION SECURITY SAFEGUARDS. We have strict limitations on access to our information systems. Only those who specifically need access to conduct their business responsibilities are granted this access. Our safeguards are designed to protect the confidentiality and security of your information. These safeguards include the retention, modification to, disclosure, and destruction of data you have provided us. We are continually monitoring for risks and the potential for compromise. Again, it is implicit to our TOU and our Privacy Statement that you acknowledge that while you may at some point in time choose to make some of your Profile Information private, it may not be possible for us to purge your PII in its entirety because we perform routine back up.

  2. WE DON'T DISCLOSE YOUR INFORMATION WITHOUT YOUR KNOWLEDGE. We do not disclose your information other than in accordance with your privacy settings unless you have given us consent to do so or we notify you that we intend to do so. Upon notification, we will let you know why we need to disclose your information and you have the option, at that time, to "opt-out." The only exception is where we are required to comply with regulatory or legal requirements or cooperate with law enforcement.

  3. WE ARE RESPONSIVE TO REQUESTS FOR INFORMATION AND EXPLANATIONS. If you have a question related to the privacy of your account information or need further explanation regarding any service, product, feature, etc., please address it to and we will make every effort to respond within two business days. We will respond in a manner that is intelligible and forthright. If there are any costs associated with the processing of any data you request, we will advise you up front and prior to assimilating the requested data.

  4. WE HOLD OURSELVES RESPONSIBLE FOR OUR PRIVACY PRINCIPLES. Each employee of Blackboard is responsible for gaining and sustaining your confidence in us. We provide resources designed to educate employees about the meaning and importance of regulatory requirements and best-in-class practices associated with privacy and information security. Our program is based upon these Privacy Principles, standards established by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (“NIST), and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (“GAAP”). Employees who are in violation are subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment. Employees are expected to report violations, breaches, or suspected breaches of privacy or potential system vulnerabilities, where permitted by law. Blackboard has a documented process in place for reporting, monitoring, and responding to any such incidents.

  5. OPEN DOOR. Blackboard's practices, programs, policies, and processes related to privacy are derived directly from these Principles. If you have questions about the quality, safeguards, use, disclosure, or housing of your data, or if you have suggestions or feedback, please contact us. Blackboard's mission is to provide you with the best possible product, tools, services, opportunities, and partnerships for mapping out your college experience and to poise you for a successful transition into your career. It is important to us to improve or enhance our website to better serve you. To contact us, please email and we will attempt to respond within two business days. If your question(s), request(s), etc. are in violation of any regulatory or legal requirement we will advise you accordingly. If there are any costs associated with the processing of any data you request, we will advise you up front and prior to assimilating the requested data.

We are continually reviewing the ever-evolving privacy landscape to ensure our Principles and privacy practices are best in class and compliant with all legal and regulatory requirements related to our business and our customers and that they make common sense. Whenever required or warranted, we will update, post, and date-stamp our Privacy Principles. As they are principles, however, and the foundation of our privacy program, we do not anticipate their changing other than to be enhanced.


If you are under the age of 13, do not attempt to register as a MyEdu Member and do not provide any information about yourself. If it comes to our attention that an individual under the age of 13 has established an account with MyEdu, we will delete that information and suspend the account within one business day. If you believe an individual who is 13 years of age or younger has established an account with MyEdu, please immediately contact

We encourage minors who are 13 years of age or older to partner with their parents or obtain the permission of parents before signing up as a MyEdu Member or before sending any information about themselves to anyone over the Internet. We also encourage parents to educate their teens about safe Internet use practices. We reserve the right to add special protections for minors in order to provide them with an age-appropriate experience. This includes, but is not limited to, placing restrictions on the ability of an adult to share and connect with minors. Please understand that this may provide minors a more limited experience with MyEdu but we choose to err on the side of caution in safeguarding a minor's information.

Notice of Privacy Rights to California Residents.

California law requires that we provide you with a summary of your privacy rights under the California Online Privacy Protection Act ("COPPA" or the "Act") and the California Business and Professions Code. As required by the Act, we will provide you with the categories of PII that we collect through the website and the categories of Third Party persons or entities with whom such Personally Identifiable Information may be shared for direct marketing purposes at your request. California law requires us to inform you, at your request, (1) the categories of PII we collect and with whom we share that information; (2) the names and addresses of those Third Parties; and (3) examples of the products marketed by those companies. The Act further requires us to allow you to control those with who you do not want us to share that information. To obtain this information, please send a request by email to When contacting us, please indicate your name, address, email address, and what PII you do not want us to share with Affiliates or Advertisers. Please label the request "California Customer Choice Notice." Please allow up to 30 days for a response. Also, please note that there is no charge for controlling the sharing of your PII or requesting this notice.

Consent To Processing In The United States.

By providing any PII to Blackboard, all users, including, without limitation, users in Canada and the Member states of the European Union, fully understand and consent to the TOU and Privacy Statement and to the transfer of such PII across international borders in accordance with Blackboard's standard operations, including the collection, storage, and processing of such information in the United States of America.

These privacy principles also extend to our business partners including vendors and Third Party service providers. From time to time, we partner with outside sources to fulfill our contractual responsibilities. All partners with whom we do business are contractually required to keep your information confidential and secure and to protect against unauthorized access or use. Their use of your information is strictly limited to the purposes for which we provide it to them or you make it available or accessible to them. We make every effort to only partner with companies that have privacy policies and practices as strong as our own. We continually monitor and participate in educational and industry Privacy and Information Security organizations and associations, both locally and nationally, to ensure the most informed, contemporary and comprehensive program.

Questions or Additional Information:

If you have questions regarding this Agreement or Privacy Statement or wish to obtain additional information, please send an e-mail to

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