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Philosophy (BA)

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Sample Degree Plan Courses

The following is a list of courses based on sample degree plan. Other requirements may be necessary to complete this degree.

Minor Requirements

Twelve semester hours, including at least six hours of upper-division coursework, in any one other field of study in the University. Six of the required hours must be taken in residence.

12.0 Hrs. required.

Philosophy Major Requirements

At least 18 hours must be upper-division.

All courses must be taken and any degree course group requirements (if any) must be met.

Additional Coursework

Twenty-seven total hours of philosophy are required for the major.

9.0 Hrs. required.


In addition to the core curriculum, prescribed work, and major and minor, the student must complete enough elective coursework to provide the 120 semester hours required for the degree. These 120 hours may include no more than twelve hours of Bible; nine hours of designated coursework in air force science, military science, or naval science; sixteen hours completed on the pass/fail basis; thirty-six hours in any one field of study in the College of Liberal Arts or the College of Natural Sciences, unless major requirements state otherwise; and thirty-six hours in any other single college or school of the University.

8.0 Hrs. required.

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