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Marketing / Marketing Management, General (BA)

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Sample Degree Plan Courses

The following is a list of courses based on sample degree plan. Other requirements may be necessary to complete this degree.


All courses must be taken and any degree course group requirements (if any) must be met.

MKT Consumer & Organ Buyer Behav
MKT Marketing Research
MKT Marketing Strategy (w)


Students may elect to complete more than 6 credits from the courses that are listed in item 3. a. (2) above with the understanding that the grades  earned in such courses will be included in the computation of the grade–point average of courses in the Major Field of Concentration.

6.0 Hrs. required.

MKT Personal Selling & Buying Proc
MKT Retail Management

Non-Business Electives

At least 9 credits of general elective courses outside the Broad College, Department of Mathematics, and Department of Statistics and Probability.  Courses that are used to satisfy University requirements and courses that are used to satisfy Business Core Program requirements may not be used to satisfy this requirement.

9.0 Hrs. required.

Free Electives

Additional courses to meet credit requirements.  120 credits, including general elective credits, are required for the Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing.

15.0 Hrs. required.

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