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Intermedia / Multimedia (BA)

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Sample Degree Plan Courses

The following is a list of courses based on sample degree plan. Other requirements may be necessary to complete this degree.

Integrative Arts

All courses must be taken and any degree course group requirements (if any) must be met.


This degree requires 124 credits to graduate. Extra electives or taking more than minimum offerings may be required.The catalog recommends 19 credits.

30.0 Hrs. required.

Bachelor of Arts Degree Requirements

3 of these 24 credits are included in the REQUIREMENTS FOR THE MAJOR, GENERAL EDUCATION, or ELECTIVES and 0-12 credits are included in ELECTIVES if foreign language proficiency is demonstrated by examination. (See description of Bachelor of Arts Degree Requirements in this bulletin.)

9.0 Hrs. required.

Requirements For The Major

36.0 Hrs. required.

Supporting Courses and Related Areas

(Must include at least 15 credits at the 400 or equivalent level) Select 24 credits from an arts area (Sem: 1-8) Select 12 credits from other arts areas (Sem: 1-8)

36.0 Hrs. required.

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