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Individualized Study (BA)

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Sample Degree Plan Courses

The following is a list of courses based on sample degree plan. Other requirements may be necessary to complete this degree.

Gallatin K-Credit Requirement

Students must complete 32 credits in Gallatin School courses, all of which are prefixed with the letter “K” and referred to as “K-credits.” In fulfilling this requirement, students must earn 16 K-credits in interdisciplinary seminars, identified by the registration code K20. First-year interdisciplinary seminars count toward both the interdisciplinary seminar requirement and the liberal arts core requirement (see below). Students who have successfully completed one or more Gallatin interdisciplinary seminars before entering Gallatin must earn 12 additional credits in interdisciplinary seminars after matriculating.In addition to earning 16 credits in interdisciplinary seminars, Gallatin students must earn 16 credits in other Gallatin curricular offerings. To fulfill this requirement, students may take the firstyear interdisciplinary seminar (K10); firstyear writing and first-year research seminars (K10); additional interdisciplinary seminars (K20); advanced writing courses (K30); arts workshops (K40); community learning courses (K45); course offerings abroad (K55 and K95); and individualized projects (K50), including independent studies, tutorials, internships, and private lessons. Entering students who have earned the associate’s degree or 64 credits from the Liberal Studies Program of the Faculty of Arts and Science are required to complete a minimum of 24 K-credits, 16 of which must be earned in interdisciplinary seminars. As stated above, students who have successfully completed one or more Gallatin interdisciplinary seminars before entering Gallatin must earn 12 additional credits in interdisciplinary seminars after matriculating.

32.0 Hrs. required.

Liberal Arts Core Requirement

All students must complete a minimum of 32 credits in liberal arts courses, ordinarily earned through course work in Gallatin or the College of Arts and Science. Courses taken to fulfill the liberal arts requirement may not be taken on a pass/fail basis. For entering first-year students and transfer students with fewer than 32 credits, the liberal arts core must be distributed as follows: 4 credits in a first-year interdisciplinary seminar; 8 credits in expository writing (first-year writing seminar and first-year research seminar); 8 credits in the humanities; 8 credits in the social sciences; and 4 credits in either mathematics or science.Entering first-year students are required to take one of the first-year interdisciplinary seminars and the firstyear writing and research seminars during their first year; the remaining liberal arts requirements should be fulfilled by the end of the sophomore year. Transfer students will have their transcripts reviewed on admission to determine which, if any, of the liberal arts core requirements they have fulfilled. Transfer students entering with 32 credits or more may take a liberal arts elective in lieu of the first-year interdisciplinary seminar. AP course credit and credit earned from other similar programs may not be used to fulfill the liberal arts requirement. Students wishing to take courses toward the liberal arts core in schools other than Gallatin and the College of Arts and Science should submit a Petition form to the Office of Academic Advising.

All courses must be taken and any degree course group requirements (if any) must be met.

Expository Writing

(K10 first-year writing seminar and first-year research seminar)

8.0 Hrs. required.


8.0 Hrs. required.

Social Sciences

8.0 Hrs. required.

Mathematics or Science

4.0 Hrs. required.

Additional Credits

To be eligible for the Bachelor of Arts degree, students must complete 128 credits within 10 years of matriculating at Gallatin. A minimum of 64 credits must be completed after matriculation at Gallatin.

64.0 Hrs. required.

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