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Entrepreneurship / Entrepreneurial Studies (CERT)

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Sample Degree Plan Courses

The following is a list of courses based on sample degree plan. Other requirements may be necessary to complete this degree.

Entrepreneurial Management Requirements

The Certificate in Entrepreneurial Management requires a minimum of 18 s.h. in course work related to entrepreneurship. The program is designed to help students acquire the entrepreneurial mindset that will enable them to launch new ventures or manage growing companies. It focuses on qualities and skills essential for entrepreneurs and successful business leaders: innovation and creativity; recognizing, evaluating, and seizing opportunities; professional communication skills; strategic business planning; financial analysis; leadership; and team building. Entrepreneurship students learn from a select team of faculty members and business leaders distinguished by their ability to teach, model, and inspire the entrepreneurial process. They gain understanding of the entrepreneurial approach to acquiring and managing resources; develop team-building skills critical to both small and large companies, network with successful entrepreneurs and business leaders, and participate in experiential learning opportunities. Students may begin working toward the Certificate in Entrepreneurial Management in their sophomore year. They must declare their intention to pursue the certificate; see "Admission" later in this section. The certificate is noted on students' permanent records when their undergraduate degrees are added to their transcripts. Students may count a maximum of 6 s.h. of transfer credit toward the certificate, with approval of the entrepreneurship program director. Credit from entrepreneurship courses (prefix 06T) is counted as semester hours earned in business on the degree evaluation. Students must satisfy all prerequisites before enrolling in a required course.

All courses must be taken and any degree course group requirements (if any) must be met.

06T Entrepreneurial Finance
06T Entrepreneurial Marketing
06T Managing the Growth Business


Students earn an additional 6 s.h. in elective courses chosen from the following list. Students who wish to use a course not on the list must consult with the Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center director.

6.0 Hrs. required.

06J Entrepreneurial Strategy
06J Dynamics of Negotiations

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