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English and American Literature (BA)

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Sample Degree Plan Courses

The following is a list of courses based on sample degree plan. Other requirements may be necessary to complete this degree.

Core Courses

V41.0200 should be the firstcourse taken in the major; it maybe taken concurrently witheither V41.0210 or V41.0230.The department recommendsthat V41.0210 be taken beforeeither V41.0220 or V41.0230.

All courses must be taken and any degree course group requirements (if any) must be met.

V41 Literary Interpretation
V41 British Literature I
V41 British Literature II
V41 American Literature I


One seminar, usually taken in the senior year. Students must complete the four core courses to be eligible to enroll in seminars.

4.0 Hrs. required.

Additional Courses

A minimum of 10 4-point courses are required:The remaining courses may bedrawn from any combination ofintermediate courses, advancedcourses, or seminars.

12.0 Hrs. required.

Free Electives

To be eligible for the bachelor’s degree, students must complete 128 points with a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0.

52.0 Hrs. required.

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